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Five & Two Online - Turning a Dud into a Diamond

Hey 5&2ers! We are about to dive into one of my most exciting projects to date: the first serious redesign of my own website for Five & Two. 

When I initially started this hustle, I just needed a site. Any site. Somewhere to throw samples and have contact info. Jackson Pollack-type, assembled in 5 minutes, redirected domain and VOILA! Now someone goes to a living breathing website when they go to my domain.

We've grown up a bit at Five & Two but our website certainly has not. 

Somehow my projects always get pushed to the back burner - but it's time for a refresh and my goal was to have a new site up by end of Q1!

First, let's talk about platforms. 

I design primarily in Squarespace because I adore the ease of use and the limitless varieties of templates and styles within them. Sites are easy to create and moderate, they offer seamless commerce options, growing analytics (and integration with Google Analytics), and fun blog formats.

Let's talk about custom vs. template based sites for a second.

I do believe that custom sites are necessary for some businesses and organizations. But for 99% of the clients on the Five & Two roster, template-based content management systems are not only beautiful but affordable and easily managed. 

In looking at Squarespace templates and sites I adore, I found golivehq. Go liLe HQ curates custom Squarespace and Showit templates for creatives in my industry and I knew this would be a perfect fit for Five & Two.

After careful consideration of the templates and looking at clients who implemented them, I chose a template that I felt was the best fit for the creative style and mission of Five & Two.

Wanna know which one it is? I'll announce it on Friday as we kick off design and brand boards!

Art Class

My son piped up from the backseat this week, saying:

”Mom, your job is like art class. You design and then you listen for instructions. And then you design more. And then you listen for instructions. And you just keep going until it’s finished.”

I love this metaphor and third grade impression of graphic design and marketing. Because it’s right. On. The. Money.

My job as a marketer is not just to create beautiful things.

I also have a PhD in listening. 

Beautiful logos and print and images won’t be successful if they don’t accurately represent what you do and who you are. 

I am a story teller. I connect the dots between people and opportunities. I design and create and listen. 

Do you have a story to tell? Let’s get started!

Story Tellers

The “Great Texas Freeze of 2018” left us with busted pipes and flooded rooms - as well as a lot of clean up and clean OUT. I was rummaging through boxes, sorting things to donate and dispose of, when I ran across my high school journals.

I have, apparently, ALWAYS  been a story teller. 

Granted, a lot of my high school musings were about my softball coach and my college choices, but there was so much detail and commitment to telling the story! I mean...I almost QUIT softball because she was “SO MEAN.”

Your audience wants to connect with you in an authentic way. They want to get to know you. They want to hear from YOU. Not a canned message, not a scripted tale. I truly believe that our audience is growing more and more savvy and they expect authenticity. 

I love when my clients share behind the scenes, real day-to-day efforts. The fishing reports with the date stamped picture, the iPhone videos of concrete being poured, the silly videos taken in airports on the way home from a conference. 

Polished, beautiful images ARE important, and so is grammar and good copy. But I strongly urge you to tell your audience who you are and what you do on the real-real. It not only affirms that you are doing the work, but it kick-starts that relationship that you want to build for the long-term.

Need guidance? Five & Two loves curating social media for clients. We can help write posts, schedule them at optimal times, select images and create graphics. Hit us up at

Welcome to “Magnified” - the Five & Two Blog

This has been such an incredibly lovely year for Five & Two - and it’s only February! We started the year learning tons about focus and productivity and how to use some new tools. I’m so excited to share the things we have gleaned to make running your business easier and more effective.

Who is Five & Two? Well, Five & Two is actually ME. And three dogs. And a wild, roller coaster of a life that involves a nine-year old boy, my husband that I adore, lots of fitness and fun. Add lots of feet, some with fur. And lots - LOTS - of Jesus. 

I truly have forged my own path in the world of marketing - from marketing horses on the plains of West Texas, to the never-sleeping world of hospitality and restaurants, to the magnitude of municipal government, I found a common thread: I love designing for people and bringing their visions and businesses to life. 

Our tool kits includes graphic design, branding and social media management. My hope is to share some tips and tricks that we use in the Five & Two world and offer solutions to save you time and frustration. I hope I can inspire you to dream big for your business or organization and see what the power of these tools can do.

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