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Welcome to “Magnified” - the Five & Two Blog

This has been such an incredibly lovely year for Five & Two - and it’s only February! We started the year learning tons about focus and productivity and how to use some new tools. I’m so excited to share the things we have gleaned to make running your business easier and more effective.

Who is Five & Two? Well, Five & Two is actually ME. And three dogs. And a wild, roller coaster of a life that involves a nine-year old boy, my husband that I adore, lots of fitness and fun. Add lots of feet, some with fur. And lots - LOTS - of Jesus. 

I truly have forged my own path in the world of marketing - from marketing horses on the plains of West Texas, to the never-sleeping world of hospitality and restaurants, to the magnitude of municipal government, I found a common thread: I love designing for people and bringing their visions and businesses to life. 

Our tool kits includes graphic design, branding and social media management. My hope is to share some tips and tricks that we use in the Five & Two world and offer solutions to save you time and frustration. I hope I can inspire you to dream big for your business or organization and see what the power of these tools can do.

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