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Five & Two Online - Turning a Dud into a Diamond

Hey 5&2ers! We are about to dive into one of my most exciting projects to date: the first serious redesign of my own website for Five & Two. 

When I initially started this hustle, I just needed a site. Any site. Somewhere to throw samples and have contact info. Jackson Pollack-type, assembled in 5 minutes, redirected domain and VOILA! Now someone goes to a living breathing website when they go to my domain.

We've grown up a bit at Five & Two but our website certainly has not. 

Somehow my projects always get pushed to the back burner - but it's time for a refresh and my goal was to have a new site up by end of Q1!

First, let's talk about platforms. 

I design primarily in Squarespace because I adore the ease of use and the limitless varieties of templates and styles within them. Sites are easy to create and moderate, they offer seamless commerce options, growing analytics (and integration with Google Analytics), and fun blog formats.

Let's talk about custom vs. template based sites for a second.

I do believe that custom sites are necessary for some businesses and organizations. But for 99% of the clients on the Five & Two roster, template-based content management systems are not only beautiful but affordable and easily managed. 

In looking at Squarespace templates and sites I adore, I found golivehq. Go liLe HQ curates custom Squarespace and Showit templates for creatives in my industry and I knew this would be a perfect fit for Five & Two.

After careful consideration of the templates and looking at clients who implemented them, I chose a template that I felt was the best fit for the creative style and mission of Five & Two.

Wanna know which one it is? I'll announce it on Friday as we kick off design and brand boards!