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Story Tellers

The “Great Texas Freeze of 2018” left us with busted pipes and flooded rooms - as well as a lot of clean up and clean OUT. I was rummaging through boxes, sorting things to donate and dispose of, when I ran across my high school journals.

I have, apparently, ALWAYS  been a story teller. 

Granted, a lot of my high school musings were about my softball coach and my college choices, but there was so much detail and commitment to telling the story! I mean...I almost QUIT softball because she was “SO MEAN.”

Your audience wants to connect with you in an authentic way. They want to get to know you. They want to hear from YOU. Not a canned message, not a scripted tale. I truly believe that our audience is growing more and more savvy and they expect authenticity. 

I love when my clients share behind the scenes, real day-to-day efforts. The fishing reports with the date stamped picture, the iPhone videos of concrete being poured, the silly videos taken in airports on the way home from a conference. 

Polished, beautiful images ARE important, and so is grammar and good copy. But I strongly urge you to tell your audience who you are and what you do on the real-real. It not only affirms that you are doing the work, but it kick-starts that relationship that you want to build for the long-term.

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